In Just Crafting Studio, we strive to provide a safe and fun environment for your children to exercise their artistic creativity through art and craft projects! There are many reasons to encourage your children to do arts and crafts with us and we have listed just a few here:

Kids enjoying crafts

  • We offer a wide selection of crafting style for your children to suit their individual needs.
    All materials and tools are provided.
  • It is a great way for your children to express their identity and passion.
  • We have a comfortable area for parents to socialise and have a cup of tea or coffee while kids are enjoying their crafting projects.

So bring your children along so they can submerge themselves in a world full of creativity, ideas and colour!

Term 4 Registration open now!

Monday Textile Crafts
Tuesday Jewellery Crafts
Wednesday Candle Crafts
Thursday Candle Crafts
Friday Chinese Calligraphy

Term 3 themes

Sewing Crafts Monday

Create something new and exciting with needles and threads! Come and join Shanaya in Sew Crafts on Monday!

Jewellery Crafts Tuesday

Want to adorn yourself With all the royal jewellery you deserve? With wire, beads and other materials, you will be the princess you are meant to be. Learn the art of jewellery making with us in Princess Crafti every Tuesday!

Candle Crafts Wednesday

New candle to take home every week! How exciting!!!

Painting Thursday

Fancy yourself as a classical artist? Want to express yourself with pencils and brushes? Want to be the next Michelangelo? From pencil sketching to water paints, the Thursday Creativity class is where you should be!

Crafting Team Friday

There is no better way than to end the week with group craft projects! Want to achieve something big in a group? Come and join us and be part of the Craft Team on Friday! Together, we will make the world a prettier place!


Special Offers: Try your first lesson for $10

$15 for a single lesson

$120 for 10 lessons.

For more information, contact Peter at [email protected]