One of the many concerns (and there are many…) I’ve often heard is the over-focus on e-learning and using technology in school. Instead of using electronic devices to enhance the learning experience, this over-focus ends up limiting students to experience the real world.

Just Crafting Studio is now proposing another alternative, learning through crafting or as we call it the c-learning.

What is c-learning?

Crafting is not just about having fun, although fun is an important driving force for learning. What is more fun than to explore ideas and creating something unique? Kids love making new things, as a matter of fact, don’t we all? In Just Crafting Studio, we help them by providing new ways, new ideas and new materials for them to explore.

We believe that children can learn a lot from doing crafts. Although we are not educational experts, from experience we can confidently say that crafting can help kids in several ways. Some of these ways are:

  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Ideas development
  • Communication
  • Personal skills such as patient and temperance.

Why not both?

On the other hand, e-learning and c-learning are not exclusive to each other. During this term holiday, Just Crafting Studio is proud to hold a Digital Crafts workshop where children will learn how to merge the digital world with crafting using a little device called Micro-bit. Spaces are limited so register now!

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