Hey there I’m Crystalline and I am part of the team here at Just Crafting! I will be tutoring kids at World of Crafts Wednesdays and Crafting Team Fridays. Be sure to bring your kids on these days! Bring your child to these After School programs to keep them busy, and to let them explore their creative side. Art is for anybody! There are no rules when it comes to art-making and each child brings their own charisma into these classes.

A Bit About Me:


I have loved art ever since I was a child and loved drawing on anything I would find. Look through my books and all you’ll see are doodles! I love drawing and making abstract paintings. I have always been surrounded by creative people as my mum and sister are really great artists. in the future, I would love to get a job in the designing field or be a teacher. If you want to get to know me more come to 176 Lincoln Road on Wednesdays and Fridays after 4. Crystalline is in a team with Shanaya and Catherine.


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