Peter Yung in Rome

Who is that scary face from the chatbox??? Well, that’s me!

Hello, the internet world! I am Peter, the one behind the desk (or sometimes hide in the office) doing things to ensure the studio is operating. My job here in Just Crafting range from little things such as taking the rubbish out on Friday, making coffee in the morning, to more important things like making sure our lovely team get paid as well as coming out with crazy ideas. I am also the one with crazy ideas and suggest different ways and organise the logistics for both the After School Programme as well as weekend classes.

Me & Crafting

O yes, this post is supposed to be about me and crafting isn’t it. As you may notice from reading this I am more like a freestyle crafter… I am not a big fan of following instructions and I tends to just go with the flow! Sometimes work and sometimes not, but one thing for sure is everytime I had fun! For me, crafting is more like a journey. A journey into your soul wherewith tools and material to lift your soul up to something bigger than yourself. So what crafting do I do? I do a bit of beading, a bit of mosaic, a bit of papercraft, and a lot of origami! I like being creative and doing things in a slightly funky way. For me the bigger the project the better! My dream is to raise an “army” to put mosaic on the ceiling of a church like what they have in Rome!

Rome sweet home

The other side of me

On top of looking after the Studio, I am also the co-director of Brilliance Educare Centre (Henderson). We do provide high-quality tuition classes for students with specialist tutors. We are located on the same site with the studio (the two classrooms in the back). Go check them out, I heard their chemistry and science tutor is pretty cool!

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