Our Personalised Candles

While we respect different opinions and views of individuals, Just Crafting Studio reserves the right to decline any personalisation if it involves:

  • Message or images are deemed to be offensive
    • Attacks on a person or ANY religious group
    • Offensive languages
  • Message or images are against the religious values of the studio this includes:
    • ANY satanic symbols
    • ANY Witchcrafts
    • Sexual contents
  • The message or images are socially inappropriate

Our Workshops

In order for all the participants to enjoy our candle workshop, Just Crafting Studio reserves the right to decline individual applications if the participants are proof to be disruptive. This includes

  • Physically or verbally attack other participants
  • Continuously ignore instructions from the presenter
  • Act in a dangerous manner which put other participants and staff at risk

In this case, no refund will be given